The killbox

The killbox

  • 公司名称: 厦门妮东科技有限公司游戏类别: 网络游戏
  • 游戏平台: Android完成度: 已完成
  • 合作区域: 北美,俄罗斯,东南亚,港澳台,大陆地区需求目标: 找发行商,找渠道
  • 游戏简介:

    全民生化是一款第一人称射击手游,基于Unity3D技术打造的FPS类型游戏,模拟最真实的战场环境,不管是黄沙覆盖的无人小镇,不满冰雪的荒芜之地,阴森的地下水道,还是废弃的研究所,完美实现16人混战,生化僵尸,团队竞技,爆破防御带来最经典最刺激的反恐射击体验。 Enter The Kill Box and dominate the field with a wide range of classic weapons on a variety of detailed maps. Reminiscent of your favorite console games; the kill box gives you the intense feel of real combat with top-notch graphics in incredibly detailed environments. Our awesome multiplayer setup allows you to team up with your friends for team death matches or total free for all combat! Create an elite team and jump into the action! Features: 1. Intense memorable FPS action • Provides you with classic 5 vs 5 battles in real time! • Open ranking matches to engage all players. • Different real-world weapons to choose from. • Awesome tactical movement system. • Play& chat with online players in real-time to keep you entertained. 2. Varied and realistic scenarios • Experience the intensity of the kill box through a series of immersive detailed maps. • Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield with intense, lifelike animation. • Console like graphics. 3. Addictive multiplayer game modes • Work together with your friends to annihilate your enemies in Death Match. • Experience the terror of fighting off your friends after they’ve become the living dead in Bio Mode! • Leap over the heads of your adversaries in anti-gravity mode. Think you and your squad can survive the kill box? Download and see how you stack up! For more information on upcoming events, releases, and activities Follow us on Twitter @ Like us on Facebook @ Join our community @ Email us @ fanspage : community @ 展开


网络游戏The killbox
Android网络游戏The killbox
北美,俄罗斯,东南亚,港澳台,大陆地区Android网络游戏The killbox找发行商,找渠道图3
北美,俄罗斯,东南亚,港澳台,大陆地区Android网络游戏The killbox找发行商,找渠道图4
北美,俄罗斯,东南亚,港澳台,大陆地区Android网络游戏The killbox找发行商,找渠道图5


厦门妮东科技有限公司是厦门一家专业进行手机游戏研发和运营的游戏公司。从2006年至今,公司的业务内容从单纯的为海外各款游戏的高端玩家提供虚拟货币服务转型到拥有自建游戏平台,并为北美和欧洲地区玩家提供多款网页以及手机游戏的运营公司。 自建Ugamehome游戏运营平台,运营超过10+款不同类型的页游,1款MMORPG手游Stilland War。 随着公司业务的不断发展,我司从2013年开始自主研发手机游戏,公司产品研发人员比例近70\%,核心成员曾在知名上市游戏公司担任过重要研发工作并有多年手机游戏开发经验。 目前已经有《反恐精英CMSWAT》(免费版)、《弹指神鼠》《女神弹珠》等多款手机游戏上线运营及进行上线前测试。转型到拥有自建游戏平台

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